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Bio-Cell Screening In Joshua Tree

. Duration:1h··. Price:$175

Bio-Cell Screening In Costa Mesa

. Duration:1h··. Price:$175

Holmes Helps Consult via Zoom

. Duration:30m··. Price:$80

Quick Response Test- Vehicle Window Sample Collection

. Duration:15m··. Price:$175

Bemer Orientation

. Duration:1h··. Price:Free

Holmes Health in person Office Visit

. Duration:1h··. Price:$80

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7 reviews
  • Dave·

    Jenny's skills are unmatched, she is an excellent resource and guide to achieving a healthier version of yourself. I highly recommend booking a session to understand your body, and cellular health at a deeper level.

  • Carla·

    Jenny explained and taught, and what she perceived relates directly to how I have been feeling physically. Her suggested supplements relate directly to my needs. I feel I have a path forward to a healthier me.

  • Gretchen Grunt·

    I've been working with Jenny for almost 15 years and always leave her office feeling confident that her shared knowledge gives me the tools to heal. Thank you for your support 🙏

  • Debbie S·

    Jenny's knowledge & approach to better health is much needed and appreciated! Her specialty is what my physicians are missing in their diagnosis & treatments for me. The recommendations she has made of specialized supplements tailored to my specific needs is already making a difference to how my body functions....thanks Jenny!

  • Sierra·

    My mom recommended Jenny to me several years ago and I finally made the time to go see her and her kindness and expertise blew me away! It was truly fascinating to see my cells under a microscope and hear her tell my story they were showing her. She really made me feel seen and heard after years of getting brushed off my regular doctors. I'm excited to start my long journey of healing my body and it is because of Jenny. My only regret is waiting so long to go to her. She is amazing! Definitely recommend!

  • Stephanie·

    I’m so grateful that a friend mentioned Jenny to me when I was dealing with a few years of undiagnosed issues with weight, panic attacks, fluid retention, severe anxiety, bone and joint pain, hair loss…So many symptoms! Jenny gave me the knowledge and supplements I needed to heal myself. I felt so much better after only 3 weeks of following her protocol. Throughout the years, her advice and knowledge has been the most consistently helpful for my condition.

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